GateHouse Media earns APME Innovator of the Year award

17.09.2018 John Crouch Awards

Tyson Bird, left, and Mara Corbitt, right, accepted the APME’s Innovator of the Year award at the 2018 News Leadership Conference in Austin, Texas. They are joined by Bill Church, middle, Gatehouse Media’s senior vice president of news.

GateHouse Media’s news innovation team, de//space, recently won the Associated Press Media Editor‘s Innovator of the Year award at the 2018 News Leadership Conference in Austin, Texas. The award recognizes cutting-edge work that enhances the viability and mission of news organizations and which can be successfully adopted by others. Attendees of the conference had the chance to select one of three finalists.

De//space designers Mara Corbett and Tyson Bird described building two solutions, Architect and Narrative, as scalable solutions for long-form journalism and native advertising content. The two designed and coded the platforms, which allow even the smallest newspaper sites to present editorial projects that showcase journalism with impact.

A few facts from the GateHouse presentation that captured editors’ attention:

• 32 editorial projects have used Architect to date
• On average, readers spend about three times as long on editorial projects than on a regular story template
• 16 native campaigns have used Narrative, with twice the click-through rate

Conference attendees also saw examples of the elegant design and learned some of the back-end functionality that allows people to track analytics and campaigns. The open-source code makes these platforms available to help the entire industry, which positions Gatehouse Media as a leader in marrying technology and content to benefit our audience.

For more information, visit de//space.

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